Architecture of the Absurd


Architecture of the Absurd is a Progressive Rock band. The same kind of rock that motivated thousands of avid brains to join a musical movement that enclosed everything. That undefined rock, with no boundaries or limits. That rock that laughed at the world and at itself, a delicious caricature of music.

Architecture of the Absurd gathers influences from bands like Van der Graaf Generator, Gentle Giant or King Crimson. It filters them through a Mr. Bungle strainer and performs in an imaginary Cirque Du Soleil. The result can’t be more unpredictable. Nothing is what it seems and nothing looks like nothing.

This seemingly senseless parallel world has been created by Lorenzo Matellán and Razl, two musicians characterized by an unlimited creative inquisitiveness fed by their ability to transform the simple and pretty into weird and odd, which can actually be a bit scary. At least it might trouble you. 

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architecture of the absurd beluga cd

«What a nice surprise! Here’s a CD featuring creative music which sounds fresh and full of life – a combination that’s quite uncommon these days«


 Beppe Colli – Clouds and Clocks

«This album is recommended to those who enjoy the music of Faith No MoreMr. BungleFrank ZappaJack DuponThe Mars VoltaEcholynVan Der Graaf GeneratorGentle Giant and King Crimson! Thumbs up for Architecture Of The Absurd!«


 Henri Strik-Background Magazine

«Wow, Beluga is extremely fun! The music on this debut album is sort of like a marriage between Gentle Giant and Zappa / Mothers Of Invention during the Apostrophe / Roxy & Elsewhere / One Size Fits All era. 4.5 out of 5 Stars«





Razl is a guitar player who is obsessed with searching new formulas to express himself musically. His two solo albums, Rotonova and Microscopic (in which he collaborated with musicians like Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller, Dean Brown, Damian Erskine or Charlie Dennard) show this odd tendency. With Beluga, Razl has taken care of the vocals too, finding a new expressive toy by chance.

Lorenzo Matellán is an extremely curious keyboard player and sound engineer. He started playing with progressive rock and psychedelia with his first serious band and after collaborating and producing different styles like rock, pop, hip-hop (Frank T) or electronic music oriented to disco and funk (Guateque All Stars) he is coming back to his origins, where he really feels free. His only rule is to turn imagination into his only boundary and use all possible tools around him, musical or not.

Special Guests

The presence of the extraordinary (and no less weird) drummer Marco Minnemann has given Architecture of the Absurd an extra push. His participation in the project has taken the band to give a step forward in their musical intentions, strengthening them with a rhythmic weight only comparable to the power of the engine of a stellar spaceship taking off.

The last tier of this intricate network has been Damian Erskine, virtuoso bass player who has perfectly understood the fevered and damaged minds of L. Matellán and Razl acting as the perfect glue between the uncontrollable pulses of Marco and the incoherent musical methods of Architecture of the Absurd.